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How We Buy Houses at
Cash for Kansas Homes

We make competitive offers on Kansas homes. We’ll buy your house as it is. You will also not need to pay commissions or realtor fees. Take advantage of our no-obligation offer today!


    We offer get prices on properties in KS. To get our fast and fair cash offer today, please fill out this form. Or you can contact us at (316) 333-7774.

    What Process Do We Follow When Purchasing Houses?

    step 1

    You provide us with basic information about your property.

    step 2

    We will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

    step 3

    You’ll receive a decent, no-pressure offer from us.

    step 4

    If you love our offer, we will work towards closing in seven days.

    What to expect from us and when: We transact at a relatively rare speed, so you should expect to hear from us hours after receiving your offer. If your mail is detailed enough, we’ll skip the further-inquiry phase and send you an offer. But if we need more information about your property, we’ll get in touch with you to send you a fair offer. Once all the details are sorted out and you have agreed to our offer, we will try to close the transaction within seven days. And you’ll get your payment in cash within 3 to 30 days. If you have more questions, you can always visit our FAQs page.
    sell your house the easy way

    Selling A House Is Now Faster & Smoother

    Kansas property sales are now more straightforward than in the past. You can now effortlessly and directly sell your property thanks to our services. Real estate agents and other third parties’ roles in property sales have been successfully removed. We will buy your home as-is and offer you a price that aligns with its value because we are actual buyers.

    We have also accelerated the sale of properties. The speed of the transaction relies on you, of course, as we make sure that closings occur as soon as is convenient for our clients. But after you accept our offer, it usually takes seven days to close the deal.

    Cash for Kansas Homes vs Listing with Kansas Realtors

    Selling Through A Realtor

    SOLD To Cash For Kansas Homes

    Commissions / Charges 5%-7% commission fees to be paid by seller. no commissions or feesNO Commissions/Fees
    Who Pays Closing Costs? The seller is responsible for all closing expenses. no closing costs to you - we pay all closing costsNO Closing Costs – We cover closing costs.
    Financing Contingency The sale will fail if the buyer is unable to secure capital to finance the sale no contingenciesNO Contingencies – Sales are 100% guaranteed
    Appraisal Needed Appraisals and Valuations determine sales. we buy as-isNO Appraisal – We buy the property as-is
    Who Pays For Repairs? Negotiable. In most cases, the burden rests on the seller. no repairsThe burden of repairs is always ours to bear.
    Number of Showings As many as are required. High Traffic! no open housesJust Us, our Partners and Contractors
    Average Days Until Sold 30-120 Days we buy fast3-30 Days
    Closing Date 15-45 days after agreeing to the buyer’s offer we close on the exact date of your convenienceThe closing is scheduled to occur at your earliest convenience.

    How do we purchase houses?

    Our home buying process is quite straightforward. In three stress-free steps, we’ll make you an offer, document and close the sale. If you’re wondering how we can complete a sale in three steps, then you’re on the right page. In subsequent paragraphs, we’ll walk you through answers to every question you might have about how we operate.

    Here are some helpful FAQs...


    Read on for details answers to these questions and more.

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    What steps are involved in our property purchasing process?

    Our purchasing process is simple, and we’ve made learning about it even more straightforward. Take a look at a breakdown of our buying procedure.

    Our property purchasing process is as simple as that!

    We Buy All Kinds Of Houses in Kansas

    What details do you require to begin a sale?

    Our team comprises experts well versed in delivering competitive real estate offers. We might not fully comprehend how dear you hold the memories made in your home. We know that the property means a lot to you and that money can never match memories. However, we’ll do our best to ensure that we give you an offer befitting your property.

    To do that, we’ll need to understand how dire your demands are:

    We require you to answer these questions because we understand that property conditions and client expectations during a sale differ. So we want to ensure that we give each client a unique offer. Therefore, we can complete a cash offer for you only when you’ve sufficiently provided answers to these questions.

    What formula facilitates your offers?

    Like most homeowners, you want to know how much you’ll get for the sale of your house. Or even better, you want to learn how real estate investors, or we, in particular, arrive at our cash offers. Well, you do not have to worry any further. We’re going to share our formula with you.

    Our Home Buying Formula

    Our formula is made up of four components, with each component representing an indispensable property factor. To better understand the formula, we’ll examine each component individually. But first, let’s consider the formula as a whole:



    The After Repair Value of a property is its market value when it is at its absolute maximum. And property is said to be at its absolute maximum when it is in perfect condition. That is, the property is in a state where it doesn’t require repairs, deferred management, or high maintenance. In this condition, the house is the ideal purchase for every buyer.


    The type of repairs that a property requires are often subjective. For some buyers, certain things do not count as defects. And others count minor things as defects. We just want to ensure that we do not start discovering damages after purchasing a property, as that will only result in a significant decrease in our profit. And if the damage we eventually discover is something as significant as foundational issues or a big plumbing concern, fixing it will wear a hole in our pockets, and we might end up making no profit from that sale. So, we invest time and effort into our inspections to ensure that we account for all defects and their cost for repairs before making our offers. As a preemptive measure, we sometimes insert a few “maybes” in our proposals to cater to repair work yet to be discovered.


    It’s normal to incur considerable costs during a transaction, particularly sale transactions. And these costs are of several kinds. First, there are loan fees which cost about 2% to 5% of the entire renovation costs. Then, one must settle loan origination fees, monthly interests, and realtor charges. Most times, transaction costs sum up to 15% of the total cost.


    Minimum profit refers to our profit margin, as we have a duty to ourselves, our businesses, and our families to make profits. But we also want to ensure we deliver a fair price to our clients. So we have set our profit margin at 15%. This margin helps ensure stability in prices, and it helps us cater to repair needs that we didn’t detect during an inspection. Our profit margin is uniform for most deals, but we prefer to give conservative figures when dealing with hoarder houses because one cannot fully estimate the cost of repairs with such properties.


    The sum of our transaction costs and minimum profit often results in a 30% difference between both components. Thus, our simple approach to arriving at a cash offer is ARV – 30% – Repairs. This formula is exactly how we calculate our price offerings. So, you can trust us when we say that we do not spring surprise costs on our clients. Instead, we account for all costs, pay for them ourselves and send you a check for your full payment.

    Now, please consider what we are willing to offer for your home…

    What property info we consider when making cash offers

    What’s the expected duration for your sale transactions?

    Please note that fast closings are never an issue with us. Our operations are targeted towards a one-week closing after you’ve accepted our offer. And to ensure that we meet this target, we foresee potential hindrances and deal with them in time.

    Once we receive word from you about accepting our offer, our team will set to work on your transaction. We will collect sufficient information and documents required by the local title business to validate the sale. By documents, we are referring to the EMD (Earned Money Deposit) and the purchase agreement. We will also be preemptive in our approach to any issues we encounter.

    The title company will thoroughly examine the title to verify it is transferrable. If any defects in the title are detected, we will inform you and work together towards correcting them before we finalize the documentation. In the meantime, we will work on acquiring funds and conducting an inspection. Please be informed that partners and contractors sometimes accompany us during inspections.

    Now you’re on the verge of getting value for your property. The closing often takes seven days, but if you need a slower closing or more time to move your things out of the premises, we can postpone the closing to your earliest convenience. However, if there are title concerns or any other encumbrance, the closing might take 10-28 days.

    If you are interested in a free cash offer, please contact us today!